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A realtor is more than an agent. They’re a partner in your homeownership journey. After all, properties come and go, but the relationship
lasts a lifetime.

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Preparing your home to be sold…

Maximizing your investment
You’ve invested in your home, so it’s my job to make sure that we maximize your return.
Making it feel like home
When the new homeowner walks into your property for the first time...we want them to feel like this is their home.
Turning relationships into results
Homes don’t just sell themselves. There’s a story behind every front door. It’s up to us to tell it and broadcast it to the world.

My partners... my friends

Sassier Glasses, San Marcos
Super heroes in disguise!
"Carol helped us optimize our search, set up our funding and build up team that could move fast, coordinate well and execute.  Thanks to Carol and Eric we were moved in to our new beautiful new digs in 45 days.  I'm pretty sure Carol and Eric are just super heroes disguised in plain clothes."
James Bui, San Marcos
Highly recommend!
“I cannot recommend enough Carol Farrar on the amazing job she did as our realtor. She was on top of everything from the beginning”
Kelly Flores, San Marcos
Amazing team!
“Carol and Eric at 1850 Realty are both amazing people. We bought our first house in 2013 with Carol as our realtor and had a phenomenal experience.”

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There are countless steps in the adventure that is homeownership.
I’m here to help you complete this chapter so you can start the next one.
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